Identifying and Reducing Waste in Construction

The construction industry is one of the largest and most valued industries in the U.S. Construction products from the industry are obviously integral parts of our daily lives. Likewise, hundreds of thousands of people are employed in some facet of the industry, whether that is contracting, plumbing, or selling the finished product.

Publish date: 02/22/2022

How to Control Cost Overruns in Your Construction Project

Your construction project can go over budget for many reasons, but it’s usually a combination of the following factors:

Publish date: 02/01/2022

Pandemic Construction Safety Trends That Will Last

The COVID-19 pandemic revolutionized the industrial sector. While many workers transitioned to remote positions, other jobs required in-person tasks. Employees in the construction sector experienced significant production limitations during the lockdown.

Publish date: 01/19/2022

How Miscommunication Can Bring a Project to a Halt

If you are someone who works in construction, communication and connection with your team are highly important elements of your work process. Even though communication is a valuable part of any working relationship, it can be especially crucial in an industry where things like building codes and safety come into play. No matter what you’re working on, it’s important to make sure communication is a priority. Miscommunication can bring projects to a halt in many ways, so it’s important to make sure you put your priorities in order with your entire staff.

Publish date: 01/05/2022

7 Advantages to Women Working in Construction

While construction has traditionally been a male-dominated field, there has never been a better time to enter the industry as a woman. The sector needs more employees, which has forced it to leave its “old boys' club” bias behind. Women currently still make up a small percentage of the workforce, but the industry has prioritized diversity and inclusion in recent years. This has led to a sharp improvement in the male-to-female ratio. Whether you currently work in construction or are a woman considering a career in this exciting industry, there are several advantages to being a woman in the industry.

Publish date: 10/15/2021

Considerations for Construction & Extreme Weather

Construction is an essential part of our country’s growth. It is how new buildings pop up for new housing and job opportunities. Without construction, Without construction, our world would look very different – and would lack the structures that make our cities so beautiful and easy to navigate. Unfortunately, construction projects can be heavily delayed due to weather concerns. This can be an even bigger issue when construction sites are in locations known for extreme weather conditions. Construction managers must take this into account and plan to keep things on schedule while ensuring the site is as safe as possible for all workers.

Publish date: 09/21/2021

Technology and Construction: 2021 and Beyond

Technology and construction have been inextricably linked fields since humankind first began building shelters. Into 2021 and beyond, ongoing tech advancements will change construction practices even more. As you navigate construction sites and practices, being aware of technological innovations can give you a boost when it comes to efficiency and safety. In the modern era of high construction costs and labor shortages, these features are more valuable than ever.

Publish date: 08/24/2021

Keys to Mitigating Health Risks in Construction

While working in the construction industry can be very rewarding, it is still one of the most dangerous professions in the world. While the numbers have decreased over the years, we still see around 1000 work-related deaths per year, so it is up to construction managers to figure out what to do next to continue to bring this number down further, and hopefully one day, to zero.

Publish date: 07/28/2021

How Effective Is VR Technology to the Construction Industry?

The construction industry today is undergoing a massive digital transformation. After a long history of slow progression, the sector is starting to embrace new technologies to meet the needs of a digital world. One of the most exciting of these technologies is virtual reality (VR).

Publish date: 07/14/2021

The Importance of Improving Communication in Construction

There are few places where communication is more important than in the construction industry. The ability to properly communicate is so important in this field, both to ensure that every job is completed exactly to plan and to guarantee that the people doing the work are safe and protected. If you are a manager in a construction organization, then you will find that proper communication can also make your teams happier and more productive.

Publish date: 07/01/2021

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