Keys to Mitigating Health Risks in Construction

While working in the construction industry can be very rewarding, it is still one of the most dangerous professions in the world. While the numbers have decreased over the years, we still see around 1000 work-related deaths per year, so it is up to construction managers to figure out what to do next to continue to bring this number down further, and hopefully one day, to zero.

Publish date: 07/28/2021

How Effective Is VR Technology to the Construction Industry?

The construction industry today is undergoing a massive digital transformation. After a long history of slow progression, the sector is starting to embrace new technologies to meet the needs of a digital world. One of the most exciting of these technologies is virtual reality (VR).

Publish date: 07/14/2021

The Importance of Improving Communication in Construction

There are few places where communication is more important than in the construction industry. The ability to properly communicate is so important in this field, both to ensure that every job is completed exactly to plan and to guarantee that the people doing the work are safe and protected. If you are a manager in a construction organization, then you will find that proper communication can also make your teams happier and more productive.

Publish date: 07/01/2021

How to Choose the Right Size Equipment for Every Job

The construction equipment industry is as large and varied as the projects it empowers. There are thousands of different types and subtypes of construction equipment, and it’s easy to choose the wrong size for the job. How can you ensure you’re choosing the right type and size of equipment for each project that crosses your desk?

Publish date: 06/22/2021

Safety Checklist for Heavy Equipment Operators on Construction Sites

On a construction site, it is inevitable to work on heavy equipment and loads. Any careless mistakes can result in an injury or loss of life in a worst-case scenario. But all this can be avoided by being thoughtful and vigilant. Therefore, we compiled a safety checklist for heavy equipment operators on a construction site. This list can help you to set up an effective safety system.

Publish date: 06/09/2021

6 Tips for Prepping a Site for Construction

Almost every construction project starts the same way — with an empty plot of land. The average observer might see a ground-breaking ceremony as the first step toward preparing a site for construction, but these are largely just for show. Moving a few shovels of dirt from one pile to another isn’t going to do much. What does it take to prep a site for construction?

Publish date: 06/02/2021

Earthmoving Equipment: Types and Uses in Construction

Pass by any type of construction site, and you may see earthmoving equipment digging, grading the ground, or moving the soil to other areas of the construction site. Numerous industries rely on this type of equipment to perform work, such as construction, landscaping, mining, oil & gas, utilities, and public road projects.

Publish date: 05/21/2021

Is Construction Site Safety Improving?

You don’t have to work in the construction industry to know that it can be a dangerous occupation. The sector has a reputation for being hazardous, and with all the heavy machinery, power tools, and extreme heights involved, it’s easy to see why. Still, most people would tell you that construction today is far safer than it used to be

Publish date: 05/10/2021

How to Prevent Construction Weather Delays

A lot goes into planning a construction project, from the basic design to gathering a team and collecting supplies. For every plan you make, there are at least two things that can go wrong, and sometimes there are variables in play that you can’t control.

Publish date: 04/15/2021

How Technology Can Help Your Construction Project Stay On Budget

Even the most well-managed project can be thrown off its budget by a mistake or accident. Weather, material shortages, design oversights, injuries, and equipment failure can all drive up a project’s cost by a significant margin — making the project more challenging to complete, dragging it out, and cutting into potential profits. Fortunately, the right construction technology can make a significant difference. Available software and hardware can help you and your team keep better track of the construction site and avoid preventable mistakes or accidents. These types of technology are essential for any project manager who wants to keep their construction projects on budget.

Publish date: 03/17/2021

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