How Construction Companies Can Leverage Social Media To Recruit New Talent

Recruit top talent via social media: Attract younger candidates, engage passive job seekers, save money, and build your company's reputation.

Good talent is hard to recruit today. Many younger job candidates today seek work on social media. If you are in need of new talent and have exhausted traditional approaches, it's time to leverage social media to find the best talent available.


The Benefits of Recruiting on Social Media

In 2022, the construction industry boomed, with residential construction reaching new heights. However, that same year, the industry also faced a shortage of 650,000 workers. How can employers fill these gaps?


It is time for your company to discover the benefits of recruiting on social media:

  1. Attract a younger pool of talent. Gen Z and Millennials use social media professionally as well as personally.
  2. Engage with candidates who are not actively looking for work. Putting your company on social media brings your opportunities to their attention.
  3. Get to know prospective candidates better through direct engagement rather than just from the limited information on their resumes.
  4. Build your company's reputation. You can additionally leverage social media to reach customers, attract leads, and strengthen your brand.
  5. Save money. Social media is free. Even if you choose to use paid advertising, costs are still reasonable.


Best Social Media Sites to Build Your Business Presence

Which are the best social media sites on which to build your company’s presence? These options stand out from the rest:


  • LinkedIn: Average users are between the ages of 25 and 34. As a top business-to-business source, LinkedIn can help you can reach many job seekers. Some will indicate they are looking for opportunities on their profile. Use this medium to discuss your company, projects, and the construction industry in general. You can also post jobs.
  • Instagram: With over 2.3 billion monthly users, most under 40, Instagram is a great choice. This platform requires stand-out imagery and a cohesive theme. To engage and attract prospects, use reels and stories.
  • YouTube: This video-only platform is primarily used by 15- to 35-year-olds. You can post both long-form videos and shorts. It is an ideal platform for educational videos with a bit of entertainment.
  • Facebook is used by nearly 70% of American adults, but most users are over 30. It is another good platform for sharing industry-related topics, and you can also engage with stories and reels.


Several of these platforms cross over, meaning you can share your stories on Instagram to Facebook, or post YouTube videos into reels. When starting out, however, it's best to focus on mastering one platform before taking them all on.


What Job Seekers Are Looking for Online

Social media recruiting is a smart choice if employers do their homework to attract talent. How do job seekers use social media when searching for jobs? There are some key things prospective candidates are looking at:


  • Brand reputation. Candidates look at review sites like Glassdoor as well as social media reviews.
  • Job openings and details. Prospects want to know what it's like to work at your firm. Let employees share their experiences and activities.
  • Engagement. Your responses online will carry weight. Be sure to respond quickly to any comments. Remember to be authentic when sharing anything.
  • Benefits and perks. Showcasing employee benefits such as healthcare, paid time off, flexible work arrangements, or wellness perks like gym benefits can attract more interested prospects.


Engaging Gen Z and Millennials for Your Workforce

We can see that social media is a must for reaching a younger workforce. To recruit Gen Z and Millennials into your workforce, you must engage in things they care about.


Meaningful impact

Both groups care about creating positive change in their jobs or careers. They are passionate about inclusivity, sustainability, and environmental issues. Your company should embrace these ideals as a core of your corporate culture and share that culture online.


Advanced technology

These generations grew up using technology from a young age. They appreciate a company that incorporates cutting-edge innovations into its daily work, especially when it contributes to sustainability efforts or fosters productivity.


Work-life balance

Prospective employees want to know that construction employers provide lifestyle care since these jobs are demanding and sometimes dangerous. Posting regular content about promoting a healthy lifestyle, like preventing burnout in construction jobs, shows candidates you care about their work-life balance. If you have any flexible work options, you should share this as well.



Gen Z grew up in a tough economy and therefore, values stability. They need to know that construction is a stable and growing industry seeking young talent. They also need guidance on launching a career without incurring too much debt. Sharing training opportunities and promoting career fairs you participate in will go a long way to attracting these potential employees.


Today, there is no better place to find an enthusiastic, engaged, and hungry workforce than on social media. If you have not used this recruiting tool, build your company’s presence with the best content to reach untapped candidates today. Doing so can bring impeccable talent to your firm, creating a workforce that helps your company grow.

Author: Amanda Winstead is a freelance writer in the construction industry