What Qualities to Look for in a Good Removable Industrial Safety Railing System

Ensure workplace safety with durable guardrails, easy installation, and the flexibility of removable options.

Everybody acknowledges that employers can never be too cautious concerning workplace safety. Many business owners consistently get themselves tied up in settling laborer complaints about work-related fall accidents. Shipyards, construction sites, and shipping plants are only a couple of the locations that experience workplace accidents each year.

These mishaps don't always just result in a physical injury– some end up being deadly. That’s why it’s essential to install guardrails in the crucial areas of a building. But it’s not enough to simply have a set of guardrails for a building. If the quality of the guardrails isn’t good enough, they may fail to serve their purpose.

What are Guardrails?

Guardrails are intended to ensure safety in the workplace. They also serve as barriers and are an essential part of different industrial structures. These are generally placed at platform ends and are integrated inside mezzanine structures in industrial sites. 

Standard guardrail manufacturing materials incorporate varieties of stainless steel, which is ideal due to its durability. There are many varieties of standard guardrails. Both double and single railing systems are standard guardrail installation options.

Safety railings are vital in any working environment, particularly in the industrial setting. There are risks every day in the workplace. Therefore, various sorts of safety railings are made. One of them is the removable guardrails. 

Removable guardrails give safety assurance that is similar to what permanent security railings offer. The main difference is that they provide the convenience of being easily moved around.

The primary advantage of removable guardrails is their flexibility. Although guardrails are intended to keep the laborers safe when working, they can also be a nuisance or a cause of delay when they are in the way. 

Removable guardrails not only give protection but also assist laborers with completing their work if they need to move objects around. Additionally, these railings won't hinder construction.

Removable guardrails are convenient and simple to install. The brackets can be immediately installed, while the sliders are easy to fasten for safety. These railings are also available in various sizes and shapes, like tubular, round, and flat. The guardrail shape will depend upon the specifications and needs of the workplace.

Importance of Guardrails

One of the main things to consider when planning to put up guardrails is where they are needed. The use of this equipment is to avert falls or unapproved access to specific zones. Guardrails are generally required when the structure has accessible roof spaces, landings, steps, or platforms.

Guardrails are needed when there is a gap of 30 inches or more between two lower and upper surfaces. If the workplace is at least six feet higher than the lower level, fall protection or guardrail systems are required. Moreover, if there are areas six feet or more lower than the primary workplace, like a pit or a well, a railing system is needed.

Guardrail Standard

Guardrails give a safety barrier for the open sides of raised walkways, stairs, mezzanines, landings, galleries, balconies, or around openings in floors. These are placed to avoid occurrences of accidental falls or unauthorized entries.

The inside surface of guardrails should be non-climbable. Moreover, they should not be manufactured with near-horizontal or horizontal beams by which it can be made a stepping tool. Young children may be tempted to climb the rail, which will expose them to the danger of falling over the guardrail. Horizontal beams are not allowed between 140 mm and 900 mm above the floor. 

Qualities to Look for in a Metal Roof Guardrail

It is easy to find a variety of metal roof guardrails in the market. However, getting something that will get the job done and ensure everyone's safety is a must. 

Although it is easy to buy any guardrail system, it’s better to become familiar with the vital qualities a grade-A guardrail should possess. In addition, the system should follow the guardrail height requirements from OSHA to ensure that workers are thoroughly protected.


Even temporary industrial safety equipment needs to endure the degradation brought about by everyday use and weather-related corrosion. Experts recommend searching for weatherproof and slip-resistant alternatives, where it is easy to attach non-slip cushions to the base plates. This will effectively prevent slipping and cushion the base when installed on sensitive materials like rubber roofings.

Ease of Installation

Being counterproductive by wasting time on a complicated roof guardrail installation process is a nightmare for most business owners. Many alternatives won't just provide safety but will also ensure efficient installation. Thus, it's better to opt for roof guardrails that can be assembled and installed instantly by using latches.

Non-Penetrating Safety Rails

Getting a non-penetrating roof guardrail denotes that there won't be a need to drill through a structure's surface to install it. Thus, the rest of the building's structural safety is not compromised even with the addition of a new guardrail. When it comes to efficiency and cost, getting these types of guardrails will cut down on the overall installation time.


Installing a metal roof guardrail and seeing that it contrasts with the building's image is one of the worst things that can happen. After all, first impressions are vital to a new and continuing business.

Try to purchase a roof guardrail system that has a smooth powder covering. Some manufacturers also cater to metal roof guardrail customization to complement the style of a structure.

Versatility and Flexibility

Safety is the top priority when installing a guardrail. However, how does its installation affect the efficiency in the workplace? The last thing anyone needs is a guardrail system that hinders work progress or makes something as easy as unloading products into a multi-hour process. Go for a removable guardrail system that can be handily adjusted and moved as needed.


Giving safety measures in both guardrails and fall protection can help laborers ensure that they're following all the correct procedures to evade any mishaps. Removable guardrails are the best choice when it comes to industrial and workplace safety. These railings provide the same safety as permanent railings but are more flexible and convenient when it comes to moving around the workplace. When choosing removable safety railings, ensure that they have good quality to avoid any future accidents.

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