What Qualities to Look for in a Good Removable Industrial Safety Railing System

Everybody acknowledges that employers can never be too cautious concerning workplace safety. Many business owners consistently get themselves tied up in settling laborer complaints about work-related fall accidents. Shipyards, construction sites, and shipping plants are only a couple of the locations that experience workplace accidents each year. These mishaps don't always just result in a physical injury– some end up being deadly. That’s why it’s essential to install guardrails in the crucial areas of a building. But it’s not enough to simply have a set of guardrails for a building. If the quality of the guardrails isn’t good enough, they may fail to serve their purpose.

Publish date: 09/25/2020

Transporting Heavy Equipment to the Job Site

While it has certainly been seen on roadways across the globe, driving a combine, bulldozer or other heavy machines down an interstate is not the easiest or the safest route to take when trying to transport heavy equipment to a job site. When it’s time to move heavy equipment, it’s time to call in a professional transporter with access to a heavy haul truck or a flatbed trailer to haul the equipment seamlessly down the interstate to the destination.

Publish date: 09/18/2020

COVID-19 and Construction: Best Practices For Construction Site Safety

In states where construction sites are to remain open, it is important that construction business owners and project managers take the necessary precautions and preparations as swiftly as possible. All businesses and employers need to do their part in containing the spread of the disease. Here are some of the best practices on construction sites amid the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Publish date: 04/29/2020

Construction Labor Shortage Statistics

At, it is our goal to keep the construction industry up to date on relevant issues and trends. To that end, we've partnered with Procore to provide a brief overview of some statistics that will have an impact on the industry throughout 2020. Below, Procore offers a summary of a recent study of construction labor shortage statistics. We hope you find this data to be valuable!

Publish date: 02/14/2020

How to Recruit, Retain, and Engage Millennials and Generation Z

It is well known that millennials now represent the largest segment of the workforce, and savvy companies have been working to improve their recruitment, retention, and engagement strategies for that generation. But the construction industry cannot overlook the up-and-coming Generation Z workers whose presence in the workforce is already substantial and will only continue to grow.

Publish date: 12/17/2019

From Hard Hats to Holograms: 100 Years of Construction Safety

From the invention of the hard hat in 1919 to the use of holograms and virtual reality training today, construction safety has evolved dramatically. Here’s a look at some of the most interesting highlights in the history of construction safety.

Publish date: 10/18/2019

Here’s How 8 Jobs Are Capitalizing on the Rise of Construction Technology

The rise of construction technology has made huge changes to the industry as a whole. Take a look at eight construction jobs that can help companies capitalize on new construction technology.

Publish date: 08/16/2019

Hawaii to combat climate change with carbon-injected concrete

The Hawaii Department of Transportation (DOT) plans to use carbon-injected concrete in all construction as part of its climate change solution.

Publish date: 08/16/2019

FAA Awarded $477 Million in Airport Infrastructure Grants

The United States Department of Transportation awarded the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) $477 million in airport infrastructure grants Tuesday.

Publish date: 08/16/2019

Declining U.S. job openings point to cooling labor market

The Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey, or JOLTS report from the Labor Department on Tuesday also showed a sharp drop in hiring in May, but layoffs remained low.

Publish date: 08/16/2019

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